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Monday, 11 July 2016

Justice for "Libre"

DILLSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Cumberland County animal rescue group says a 7-week-old puppy was found emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in sores. (Libre is actually 4 months old)

Janine Guido, founder and president of Speranza Animal Rescue, said a produce driver found the puppy on a farm south of Lancaster on Monday turned it over to a former humane officer.

The puppy was then turned over to Speranza. In a post on its Facebook page, the animal rescue group said the puppy tested positive for mange, has severe skin infections, and maggots were found in his sores.

It was not immediately clear if anyone is facing animal cruelty charges.

The puppy, named Libre, was transferred to the Dillsburg Veterinary Center on Tuesday morning. 

According to posts on its Facebook page, the staff is treating his wounds and infection with strong antibiotics, IV fluids, pain medication and therapy laser. He is eating wet food but remains in critical condition.

Donations are being accepted for the puppy’s medical care. Donors may call Dillsburg Veterinary Center at 717-432-7031 or visit Speranza Animal Rescue’s website at



As you can see Libre standing for the first time today!

Way to go Libre!!!

Thanks for the update Marie.....

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Ryan Landry "Adopts Shelter Dog Then Shoots It To Death, Police Say It’s Not A Crime"

Ryan Landry

Alright before I go ahead with the story lets talk a little about shelter dogs. Why should shelter dogs be adopted and not just shot in the face?

Because shelter dogs don’t deserve to be shot in the face and because shelter dogs deserve their forever loving home and because shelter dogs are NOT dangerous.

If there’s one word to describe shelter dogs it should be: patient, loving, friendly, lonely…you know why? Because they did not choose the life of a shelter. They were put there by people.

Its people who abandon their dogs for pathetic reasons who need to be shot in the face. After reading this post, my heart broke, really I cried and I’ve never written anything in tears, but I am now.

So I’m assuming you can tell the depth of the pain I’m going through with the frustration you feel in the article today. This is a post about a dog named Bruno, a dog who desperately yearned for his forever loving home. When the shelter put him up for adoption, a man named Ryan Landry of Berlin, New Hampshire approached them and wanted to take him home.

Bruno; so happy!

Bruno was excited and very happy to have finally found a daddy and the shelter signed an agreement with Ryan telling him that he had the right to return Bruno any time free of cost, no questions asked. Little did anyone know that Bruno would never return. After some days, Ryan tried to give away the dog through Facebook, telling people that he had no time and that Bruno was a great dog and amazing with children.

A week later, a local resident spotted Bruno in the woods, only he wasn’t alive. Because Ryan couldn’t find anyone to take Bruno, he shot the dog four times before leaving him to bleed to death.

With the help of social media, people came to realize that the dead dog was Bruno and he belonged to Ryan Landry. When the officials caught Ryan, he had the audacity to say that he shot the dog in the woods because apparently he had bitten three children, when a week ago he was claiming that Bruno was great with kids.
Long story short, this man should have taken the dog back to the shelter. The officials? Well they say it’s not a crime to shoot a dog to death in New Hampshire. Here’s an online petition to make dog murders matter. Please take a minute and show the world that dogs don’t deserve what happened to Bruno…Share this with your friends too.
Source..... heroviral
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Monday, 4 July 2016

To the man who shot my dog today

Hayley Nicolle Booth Lamirand added 4 new photos — with Bryan Russell and Terri Carter Booth.

Tonight as my child and our next door neighbor girl were outside playing, was when you decided to shoot our dogs. You knew we were outside trying to get them home and heard us calling their names, and you still fired shots. You could have shot me or my children, had you missed. I have never in my life witnessed something so cruel.

To the man who shot my dog today, I hope you burn in hell. I hope you rot with the scum of the earth, yes they were on your property. But they wouldn't hurt a fly. You fired 4 shots, claiming they were trying to get at your horses.

Which was a blatant lie, they looked mean but they aren't. They shot Charles in the mouth and grazed Apollo's back leg.

Please help this go viral so I make sure my innocent dogs receive some sort of justice.


more to come.....

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kennel Owners Responsible for 23 Dog Deaths Will Serve 23 Days in Jail

It was two years ago last month when tragedy struck at the Green Acre boarding facility in Gilbert, Arizona.

Twenty-three dogs, now known as the Gilbert 23, lost their lives when they were all crammed into a small room with inadequate ventilation and no air conditioning on that Arizona summer night. 

The dogs were locked into the room around 11:00pm on July 19, 2014 and not checked on until the next morning, when several of the dogs were already dead and others were struggling to stay alive.

Instead of calling dog owners, authorities, or veterinarians for help, the deceased dogs were piled into a storage shed on the property while efforts to save some of the dogs still living by hosing them down outside were unsuccessful.

It wasn’t until a day later when Todd and Meleisa Hughes, owners of the Green Acre facility, began contacting the dogs’ families. But, instead of being truthful and accepting responsibility, they told owners their dogs had escaped and become lost. Several families searched frantically for their dogs, not knowing their bodies were piled up in a shed on Green Acre property.

When the truth came out about the dogs’ deaths, kennel owners insisted that one of the dogs had chewed through a cord that powered the room’s air conditioning unit. A claim that police later proved to be false.

Before boarding their dogs at Green Acre, pet owners were told that their dogs would be treated with the highest level of care, living in the home like family, sleeping in beds with the owner’s children. Instead, up to 28 dogs were packed into a single 9′ x 12′ room, with only one air vent and a door sealed with caulking to “prevent dog smell from getting into the rest of the house.”
Necropsies performed on 7 of the deceased dogs showed their deaths were consistent with suffocation, a result of too many dogs in a small room with inadequate ventilation.
The Hughes’ continued to deny responsibility until yesterday when the couple accepted a plea deal in the case. Both changed their pleas to guilty of fraud for misleading customers about the conditions inside their boarding facility and guilty of animal cruelty in the deaths of all 23 dogs left in a small room and found dead after a hot night without air-conditioning.

In exchange for their plea, Todd and Meleisa Hughes will each serve 23 days in jail.
One day for each dead dog.
Dog owners’ reactions to the plea deal are mixed.
“I feel good that they have admitted guilt. I feel good that Maleisa has finally realized that she will be punished for what they did cause it was gross animal cruelty and neglect and what they did to our dogs was horrific,” said Valerie Collins who lost two dogs in the incident.
“Ultimately we wanted this to go to trial and have a jury decide,” said Shannon Gillette, another victim who lost two dogs.
“We wanted them convicted of a felony. We wanted them to go to jail and we are getting some of that even though it’s just a little spit in the pan but it shows that we prevailed,” said Jacqueline Heath who lost three dogs in the incident.
In addition to 23 days in jail, the Hughes will complete 230 hours of community service and serve three years of probation. They are no longer allowed to accept any new animals for boarding. They must also present a written apology to the victims’ families.
An official sentence will be handed down on September 9.
Source..... dogingtonpost
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Nicole Baker Threw her dog in the trash to follow her boyfriend to Texas

Westmoreland County

The former owner has been revealed as Nicole Baker, who admitted to dumping the dog (formerly named Mia) before moving to Texas to live with her boyfriend days before the dog was found.

I highly doubt that any sane human being would do such a horrible act.  No one in his right mind would think that getting rid of your Dog is a right decision.
And no human would ever think that the best way to get rid of your dog is to throw  in the trash

But you know, there is evil in this world and many people are doing acts that can only be described as being ‘evil’. I simply can not find any other word.
While Nathan Bennie, a trash collector, was on his daily rounds he was shocked when he looked into one of the trash cans.
What he saw in there was unbelievable.  Inside there was a Dog, she was very weak, she was starving to the point where he could see all her bones through the skin.

He was shocked, he immediately took the dog out and gave her his lunch. He called the nearest animal shelter and her waited with her for their arrival.

He didn’t believe the situation, how would a dog end up there, and why!
The truth was soon revealed, because every criminal has to do one stupid thing, and this was just the case.
The owner of the dog forgot that the dog was micro-shipped, and that they could get her, and they did. Once they located her she was arrested.
She confesses to throwing the Dog in the trash can to get rid of her, so she could follow her boyfriend to Texas!!
But before starting her new life in Texas, she is going to spend some time in prison, as she is charged with animal cruelty, I really hope she gets sometime to think about her act and how horrible & inhumane it was, and I think she would have a lot of time to spare in jail, so I guess she will.

The dog, which is only 10 months old, has now gained back 8 pounds and on her way to recovery.
He’s already got a lot of requests for adoption, and once she is completely healthy.

She will go to her new loving home, to be with a family, that hopefully will treat him with the love she deserves
Fawna in her new home.....

Nicole Baker pleaded guilty to a summary charge of disorderly conduct and agreed to enter the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first-time offenders on a charge of animal cruelty, according to her attorney, Chris Huffman.

Baker quickly left the magistrate court in East Huntingdon Township after entering her plea and declined comment to Pittsburgh's Action News 4, other than to say, "Why don't you leave me alone?"
She will be ordered to do community service, pay $620 in restitution and undergo a mental health evaluation.
"I think she needed to answer for what she did. At least there is going to be a guilty plea on there, on her record," humane agent Jan Dillon said after the hearing.
Formerly named Mia, and now Fawna, the dog was described as "skin and bones" by the Humane Society of Westmoreland County after a trash collector reported finding her inside a garbage bag and garbage can outside Baker's former Hempfield Township home on Oct. 30.
Dillon said Baker will no longer be allowed to adopt a dog in Pennsylvania, and she was told that Baker intends to move back to Texas.
State police contended that Baker left the dog in the garbage can and moved to Texas to be with her boyfriend. Investigators reviewed text messages that they said Baker sent to friends after the story of her dog went public.
"By reading through the messages and things of that nature, she had intentionally misled people that were offering to help when it came to taking care of Mia, the dog. She acknowledged the fact that at some point in time, she realized what she was doing, she fully knew it was wrong, and still she put a dog, her dog, in a garbage can," Trooper Stephen Limani said Nov. 5.
Baker's daughter, Brittany Prinkey, lives next door to the trailer where her mother lived before moving to Texas. Prinkey said she was subjected to harassment and threats after the dog was found in the trash.
People have been throwing stuff at my house, at my car, threatening me, telling me I should die, I should be put in a trash bag and left to suffocate without food and water," Prinkey said in November. "I never thought my mom would be able to do something like that. It's my mom. I never thought she would do something like that."
Since being found in the trash can, Fawna has gained weight and received donated toys, sweaters and treats from Burton's Total Pet in Greensburg. She was adopted by a veterinary technician who works with the Humane Society.
Source..... thedodo
Source..... triblive

Source..... WTAE News

please sign and share our petition seeking harsher sentences for abuse like this.....

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