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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tom Garner films himself sexual abusing then beating his dog.....

Absolutely gutted and mortified to what I have just witnessed. 3 men done a live feed on a page called roast my selfie.

Watching porn, whilst performing sexual acts towards a white boxer dog then antagonizing it to fight back.

As the dog fights back, one of the men start punching the dog and beating the hell out of it.

He just keeps punching the dog.....

The victims.....

All of this was live. I have contacted the RSPCA, RAID, a few Peterborough selling sites etc and the police.

I have an appointment with an officer at 10 am tomorrow morning as there has been screen shots took of all what has happened.

Never have I been so shocked, nauseous, disturbed and helpless to what I feel right now. People share his picture!!!!

He needs to go viral!

Micheal Garner.....

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This man was involved.....


The police have been and gone they are going to contact the local police in Peterborough to see if there have been any reports.

Please if anyone from Cambridge/Peterborough saw what happened file a report. the more the better.

I have given all the names as have other people so hopefully we can bring the perpetrator to justice before any more innocent animals are abused in this manner.

more to come.....

Monday, 11 July 2016

Justice for "Libre"

DILLSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A Cumberland County animal rescue group says a 7-week-old puppy was found emaciated, dehydrated, and covered in sores. (Libre is actually 4 months old)

Janine Guido, founder and president of Speranza Animal Rescue, said a produce driver found the puppy on a farm south of Lancaster on Monday turned it over to a former humane officer.

The puppy was then turned over to Speranza. In a post on its Facebook page, the animal rescue group said the puppy tested positive for mange, has severe skin infections, and maggots were found in his sores.

It was not immediately clear if anyone is facing animal cruelty charges.

The puppy, named Libre, was transferred to the Dillsburg Veterinary Center on Tuesday morning. 

According to posts on its Facebook page, the staff is treating his wounds and infection with strong antibiotics, IV fluids, pain medication and therapy laser. He is eating wet food but remains in critical condition.

Donations are being accepted for the puppy’s medical care. Donors may call Dillsburg Veterinary Center at 717-432-7031 or visit Speranza Animal Rescue’s website at



As you can see Libre standing for the first time today!

Way to go Libre!!!

Thanks for the update Marie.....

more to come......

Ryan Landry "Adopts Shelter Dog Then Shoots It To Death, Police Say It’s Not A Crime"

Ryan Landry

Alright before I go ahead with the story lets talk a little about shelter dogs. Why should shelter dogs be adopted and not just shot in the face?

Because shelter dogs don’t deserve to be shot in the face and because shelter dogs deserve their forever loving home and because shelter dogs are NOT dangerous.

If there’s one word to describe shelter dogs it should be: patient, loving, friendly, lonely…you know why? Because they did not choose the life of a shelter. They were put there by people.

Its people who abandon their dogs for pathetic reasons who need to be shot in the face. After reading this post, my heart broke, really I cried and I’ve never written anything in tears, but I am now.

So I’m assuming you can tell the depth of the pain I’m going through with the frustration you feel in the article today. This is a post about a dog named Bruno, a dog who desperately yearned for his forever loving home. When the shelter put him up for adoption, a man named Ryan Landry of Berlin, New Hampshire approached them and wanted to take him home.

Bruno; so happy!

Bruno was excited and very happy to have finally found a daddy and the shelter signed an agreement with Ryan telling him that he had the right to return Bruno any time free of cost, no questions asked. Little did anyone know that Bruno would never return. After some days, Ryan tried to give away the dog through Facebook, telling people that he had no time and that Bruno was a great dog and amazing with children.

A week later, a local resident spotted Bruno in the woods, only he wasn’t alive. Because Ryan couldn’t find anyone to take Bruno, he shot the dog four times before leaving him to bleed to death.

With the help of social media, people came to realize that the dead dog was Bruno and he belonged to Ryan Landry. When the officials caught Ryan, he had the audacity to say that he shot the dog in the woods because apparently he had bitten three children, when a week ago he was claiming that Bruno was great with kids.
Long story short, this man should have taken the dog back to the shelter. The officials? Well they say it’s not a crime to shoot a dog to death in New Hampshire. Here’s an online petition to make dog murders matter. Please take a minute and show the world that dogs don’t deserve what happened to Bruno…Share this with your friends too.
Source..... heroviral
more to come.....

Monday, 4 July 2016

To the man who shot my dog today

Hayley Nicolle Booth Lamirand added 4 new photos — with Bryan Russell and Terri Carter Booth.

Tonight as my child and our next door neighbor girl were outside playing, was when you decided to shoot our dogs. You knew we were outside trying to get them home and heard us calling their names, and you still fired shots. You could have shot me or my children, had you missed. I have never in my life witnessed something so cruel.

To the man who shot my dog today, I hope you burn in hell. I hope you rot with the scum of the earth, yes they were on your property. But they wouldn't hurt a fly. You fired 4 shots, claiming they were trying to get at your horses.

Which was a blatant lie, they looked mean but they aren't. They shot Charles in the mouth and grazed Apollo's back leg.

Please help this go viral so I make sure my innocent dogs receive some sort of justice.


more to come.....